My Own Version of Sunshine. 

Woke up this morning and literally groaned. I couldn’t believe it was already 5:40 am and there was no two hour delay, even after a boatload of rain and some freezing temperatures this morning. Back to student teaching and day two of the standardized test, ISTEP. I got ready, made some tea, kissed David goodbye and ran out the door. My stuff was falling all over the place and I was struggling to even make it my car. All I could think was, “If this is how this day is going to go, then I’m not ready!” Finally showed up to school, already four minutes late and stumbled in the door, dragging my bag and with a slippery, cotton glove, grip on my glass coffee mug. I quickly walked to class, obviously as fast as my little feet could carry me in my wet boots. However, walking through the door felt like I was walking into a completely different world today.  My bad day, which was only a couple of bad hours really, was completely changed around. I walked into “MISS BLAIS!” and a few hugs. Then quickly the class was getting ready to learn. It’s crazy how just a few hugs and the excitement on their faces to see me, even though they’ve known me for pretty much the whole year, can completely change my outlook on the day. Today was a wonderful, fantastical, perfectly good, very great day. ❤


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