A Few Good Friends

My dad has said to me, several times, “If you have even one good friend when you’re an adult, you’re very lucky.” I remember the first time he told me this. I was in 7th grade and all I could think was, “I have so many friends, like, at least twenty good friends. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Middle school ended and I didn’t have twenty friends anymore, I probably had around ten. Still, that was more than one and my dad was still crazy. After I graduated high school, my friends and I promised to keep in touch. That just wasn’t plausible. I was going to a private school away from Bloomington, while all my friends and classmates went to IU. I kept in touch and didn’t worry about the fact that I only talked to a few of them because I knew I was going to make new friends in college. And I did. However, it was just like before. Start out with a lot and end with a few. I’m starting to see what my dad was talking about. I have a few good friends. I have to say that I’ve started to realize that what my dad really meant was, quality over quantity. I would consider myself very lucky. ❤


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