Things My Dad Says…

Oh, Scotty. The world’s most philosophical human. Well, at least to me. The other day, he called me with bad news. A lot of bad news. He always has a way of breaking bad news to me, so that it doesn’t sound as bad as it actually is. He called and it started out with, “Did mom tell you?” She hadn’t. He told me that my Papaw, my mom’s dad, had lung cancer. Again. He had just made his nearly full recovery from the first round of lung cancer, so this was a big blow to our hearts. He also wasn’t very optimistic the first time around, so we worry his spirits will disappear and he will be in a depressed slump, just like before. 

As I hear this news, I automatically think of my momma. She lost her mother, Grammy, the woman who inspired me to be a teacher, to pancreatic cancer just three years ago. It all but killed my mom to go through that loss. I can’t imagine how she would react to her daddy being sick again. 

To top it off, my mom found out the day before finding out that Papaw’s cancer returned, that her best friend since she was in high school, has Lupus. She’s 42. She flew out to see her in New York last night and surprised her. It was much needed for both of them.

Finally, my dad said, “Did you hear about Aunt Chase’s mom?” I hadn’t heard about that either. She had heart problems and had to be hospitalized. Apparently, it’s really really bad. I worry for my aunt because she’s so close to her mom and her four kids adore their grandmother. 

Then, dad said, “Those are our three.” I didn’t know what he meant and I just sort of mumbled, “Yea.” He said, “When bad things happen in this family, it’s seldom. We are very lucky. But when they do, they always happen in threes.” It’s true. He pointed out other situations like this and it really does come in threes. He says some pretty…different…things, but sometimes what he says is just right and in turn, eases my mind and makes me feel a little better about the things that go wrong that I can’t control. ❤


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