Bad Words.

It blows my mind to hear what kids say when they think there aren’t any adults in hearing distance. I’ve become known for being super sneaky and blending in while kids are talking and catching them slip up. I’ve become the “cool but mean” teacher. They love me. I know they do because they tell me, they ask to have lunch with me and sometimes they just want to sit down and talk about things that have nothing to do with school. But they hate me at the same time. I’m the one that always catches the inappropriate words being said or the rude actions being had. I don’t know why, but I feel like it’s always me. Some of the things being done and said, are shocking. Names they use, the choice of words they make are repulsive. I can’t remember even knowing some of the words they use when I was their age and the ones I knew, were only allowed to be used by adults. If I even dared to mumble one of those words, even to this day at the ripe age of twenty two, my mother would smack my head. 

My favorite example of being the sneaky teacher was when I caught a few boys in the cafeteria throwing things at each other. I made them sign their behavior logs and then they went back to eating lunch. I knew they were really mad at me because they poured the rest of lunch. As they were walking out of the lunch room, I was right behind them and they didn’t know. They even looked around to see if I was near them but they didn’t look directly behind. They started talking bad about me and saying mean things about how I wasn’t their teacher and so on and so on. I stuck my head right between theirs and said, “Did you need to say something to me?” I thought they were going to pass out because they were so scared and embarrassed! Haha! ā¤


9 thoughts on “Bad Words.

  1. The way kids talk is one of the things that scares me the most as a mom–I just want to keep my kids the little ages they are now and keep them innocent! I can’t even imagine what kids say online. Stick with your convictions and keep on reminding them when you hear it–if no one ever tells them it isn’t ok, then they’ll start to think it is!

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  2. Don’t they get it? We ALWAYS know that they are up to! It is sad to see/hear what these young adults think is appropriate these days. We hope to teach our own children differently, but who knows what they do when they are not in our presence.

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  3. yes!!! Great catch! I don’t know how old your students are but the teens are always saying things that shock me. How do you even know to say those things?! We’ve had to have several little chats about the words we DONT use EVER.

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  4. We can catch them sometimes, but who knows what goes unnoticed. At home the parents may not even know what vocabulary their children have, but at school the company of boys seems to feed on each other’s horrid language. I am facing a bad language monster in third grade already.

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  5. I want to say I am shocked by what kids, young kids, say anymore. Regrettably I am not. The cachet of being bad/bold enough to say the outlandish and vulgar among their peers overrides the common decency of why those things are outlandish and vulgar and should not be said. I’ve seen and heard far too many that would say disgusting things to an adult’s face. At least yours attempted, however weakly, to not do so in your presence. A very weak silver lining, to a lesson they certainly needed.

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  6. Miss Blais, you have inspired me. I am a first year teacher who is twice your age (long story). I often am conflicted about checking student’s behavior at the middle school I teach at, especially if I am not one of their teachers. But, you are so brazen and right on point! I want them to know someone holds them accountable enough to reprimand and even follow through with discipline. I want them to know how much I love our school and want all to be proud of us. Thanks so much!

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    1. More power to you! You have to be a pretty strong soul if you’re with those tough middle schoolers! Letting them know who’s boss and holding them accountable for their actions has worked best for me! šŸ™‚


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